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        Super weather resistant and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane sheet, acid, alkali and salt spray resistance

        Excellent performance after a number of rigorous experimental tests

        Meet the roof and enclosure corrosion problems in corrosive workshop environment, and meet the requirements of anti-corrosion environment

        Ultra-weather-resistant and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane sheet is a metal corrosion-resistant sheet developed for high-corrosion industrial plants such as acid, alkali, salt spray, etc. It is especially suitable for such as coal chemical industry, foundry, vulcanization workshop, pickling workshop, coal shed sealing It can avoid the rust, water leakage, aging, and non-fire protection caused by the use of traditional panels on most roofs. Significant advantages such as acid and alkali corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, damp and heat resistance, super weather resistance, Class A fire resistance, and self-cleaning. Gaozheng Building Materials' super weatherproof and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane board provides a full range of anticorrosion solutions for industrial plants.

        Acid and alkali resistance test

        Acid resistance-drop concentrated sulfuric acid (98%) on the surface of the sample for 24 hours

        Salt spray resistance and corrosion test

        Super weather resistant and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane board passed 4000 hours salt spray test

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