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        In the non-ferrous smelting, chemical, and environmental protection industries, it is inevitable that there will be corrosive chemical components in the production process of enterprises, and there are also corrosive substances in the factory's air emissions. Therefore, to do a good job in the protection of the surface corrosion of building structures and to select suitable and cost-effective anti-corrosion building materials are issues that various smelting and chemical companies attach great importance to.

        Factors that cause corrosion:

        First, humidity. The role of corrosive media emphasizes the influence of atmospheric temperature and humidity. The drastic changes in atmospheric temperature can cause cracking of the components or the shedding of the protective layer, which will increase the corrosion. Under the conditions of high temperature and humidity, the corrosion effect on the building structure will be aggravated; again; ,temperature. Under high temperature conditions, the corrosion of many traditional materials will increase. Finally, the concentration. In most cases, metal materials will corrode with increasing concentration.

        Product performance:

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