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        FEP Film

        FEP Film

        FEP film is a hot melt extrusion cast film made of FEP resin (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer). FEP film provides all the excellent properties of fluorine element film, such as high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, non-stick characteristics, and excellent electrical properties. FEP film can be thermally welded, thermoformed, and can be combined with a variety of materials, and is often used for excellent hot melt materials.

        • Additional Information

        Product number:

        (1) FEP PG series (ultra pure grade)

        It is made of 100% high-purity FEP resin with MFI value between 5-10.

        FEP PG film is often used in applications requiring high dielectric properties or transparency requirements, such as PCB composite layers and wires and cables.

        Suitable for protection, corrosion protection, and applications that require transparency and clarity.

        Type I FEP film that meets ASTM D3368 requirements.

        (2) FEP WG series (welding grade)

        Will save 15%-20% of the cost than PG series film

        It has the same physical properties, mechanical properties and thermoforming properties as the PG series, which is very suitable for heating sealing, welding and other hot melt adhesive applications that do not have high requirements on appearance.

        Type I FEP film meeting ASTM D3368 requirements

        (3) FEP MG series (industrial grade)

        Will save 10% cost than PG series film

        It has the same physical properties, mechanical properties and thermoforming properties as the PG series. It is very suitable for chemical corrosion protection, isolation protection, tape products and general industrial applications that do not require high optical and electrical properties.

        Type I FEP film meeting ASTM D3368 requirements

        (4) FEP MR series (release grade)

        Because of the requirement of maintaining non-stick performance at the working temperature of 205°C, FEP film is a good release film for high-temperature composite molding.

        It has high elongation and excellent fit softness and is applied to molds with complex shapes

        Standard colors include red, purple and white, colors can be customized

        Various perforated films can be made

        Type IV FEP release film that meets the requirements of ASTM D3368

        (5) FEP HG series (high molecular weight grade)

        Provide excellent tear resistance and bending fatigue resistance (250,000 MIT tests)

        Can make chemical storage tanks, pump diaphragms and bursting discs

        Type III FEP film meeting ASTM D3368 requirements


        Product Features:

        Excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance

        Long-term stable working temperature from -240°C to 205°C

        Instant working temperature can reach 260°C

        Excellent non-stick and low surface friction coefficient

        Chemically inert to most chemicals and solvents

        Maintain excellent electrical performance in a wide frequency and temperature range

        Excellent optical transmittance and transparency

        Free to mix other plastics, additives and other additives

        Can be used for food applications

        Meet the U.S. Pharmaceutical Agreement and Pharmacopoeia Level VI standards

        Product information:

        Thickness range from 12μm to 250μm

        Standard width: the widest to 1524mm

        Thickness is greater than 50μm, width can reach 1575mm

        Can be cut into specified width as required

        Bondable surface (plasma treatment and chemical etching treatment)

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