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        Ya Kai PVDF fluorine film

        Ya Kai PVDF fluorine film

        Yakai PVDF monochromatic fluorine film is a highly weather-resistant and anticorrosive PVDF film independently developed by Gaozheng New Materials. Commonly known as building materials film or outdoor weathering film. It can be laminated with alloy plates, galvanized plates, aluminum plates, zinc-magnesium aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum-plastic plates, etc., and can be widely used in industrial plants, etc.

        • Additional Information

        Product features:

        Stain-resistant, self-cleaning, hydrophobic

        Weather resistant and UV resistant

        Class A fire protection, environmental protection

        Low shrinkage, easy to compound

        Product description:

        Product applications are used in chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, textile plants, fertilizer plants, metallurgical plants and other heavily corrosive environments, as well as desert plants, special storage and logistics parks, etc.

        Product specifications roll length: 3000 m or more

        Width: 1000 ~ 2400 mm

        Thickness: 10 ~ 60 um

        Color: white, black, high quality blue, iron gray, white gray, high quality red, silver gray

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