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        TransArmor antibacterial film

        TransArmor antibacterial film

        TransArmor antibacterial film is independently developed by Gaozheng New Materials. It is a new type of PMMA with antibacterial and self-cleaning effects.

        PVDF film. Commonly known as antibacterial film. The surface has good antibacterial, corrosion-resistant, and easy-to-clean properties to ensure that after years of repeated disinfection, the surface will not change or reduce physical properties, so that the hospital's disinfection and purification effect can always be achieved.

        • Additional Information

        Product features:

        Antibacterial and antifungal

        Stain-resistant, self-cleaning, hydrophobic

        Weather resistant and UV resistant

        Class A fire protection, environmental protection

        Low shrinkage, no wrinkle compound

        product description:

        Product application is suitable for ICU, reproductive center, confinement center, vein configuration center, operating room, kindergarten, nursing home school

        Product specifications roll length: 3000 m or more

        Width: 1000 ~ 2400 mm

        Thickness: 10 ~ 60 um

        Color: transparent, light pink, light green, light green (color can be customized)

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